Italian design for luxury living

Design is our passion: doesn´t matter if it is interior or exterior. We offer the best products in the field of luxury living to the Czech and Slovak market:

We represent only materials with the best quality, that is how we help you to find perfect style and design for your house, office or commercial spaces.

All represented company symbolize excelent Italian production, the products are synonym of style, design and beauty.

Our represented companies enable you to realize all bathroom; you can create effect „Damasco“ with glass mosaic to create luxury living room or prestige office; you can use anti-slip tiles Ragno in your personal spa or pool, moreover, the pool can be decorated by mosaic Trend in white gold because Trend is the only one mosaic producer, who guarantee such an exacting application as swimming pool.

In addition, with tiles Ragno you can create a commercial center (we already have more than 5 references in the Czech Republic and Slovakia) or showroom – there are many companies all over the world, who choose our materials as „Corporate Identity“ for their business. There are a plenty of possibilities, you just need a bit of fantasy. In case that you would prefere to ask professional for advice, it would be pleasure to introduce you  the best Czech and Slovak architects and designers.

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