Patina (Ragno) is an unusual collection of sintered tiles, which rework the effects of various materials and can be installed indoors and outdoors. For a complete idea of ​​all possible interpretations of this collection, it is necessary to first look at the photo album, then see the tiles live and, most importantly, touch it. But now let’s look at the three main advantages of Patina paving.


The tiles of the Patina collection have a distinguished irregular texture pleasant to the touch, which is suitable for laying on the floor and as a wall tile. This sintered paving is also produced with a thickness of 2 cm, which allows dry installation in grass, sand, gravel or on targets. The patina can thus run through the whole house through a game with medium to large formats (30 × 60, 60 × 60, 75 × 75, 120 × 120 and 75 × 150 cm) and a combination of six colours (including the attractive Marsala colour) and follow in the same design. to the terrace or balcony.


Patina brings an unusual decorative effect that exceeds current trends in interior design in the form of wood and concrete. Different shades of tiles evoke a variety of visual effects from worn resin through old terracotta to rainbow metal. In combination with a waxy silk surface, it creates a unique design effect, distinctive to the eye and touch.


In addition to six uniform shades, the collection also includes two-colour decors realized by a water jet and miniature mosaics in the classical and pop art style. Thanks to a wide range of products, Patina offers solutions for both modern interiors and lovers of classic and vintage style. As in private apartments, Patina will also serve well in commercial spaces such as offices, shopping centres, restaurants, bars and hotels and their terraces.