The popularity of 2 cm thick tiles is still growing and no wonder. They are a great alternative for balconies, garden and roof terraces, as stepping stones in gardens or outdoor restaurants. It will also be great for building the pool and its surroundings!

These tiles are frost-resistant, anti-slip with low absorbency and resistant to chemicals, salt and moss. In addition, they can withstand high loads, so they can also be used in garages or driveways.

The installation of 2 cm of paving can not only be a classic glueing, but also offers to lay on various types of surfaces such as gravel, sand, grass and, last but not least, on targets. Targets are an excellent solution if you need water or electricity distribution in the gap between the tiles and the substrate. The advantage of laying in a gravel bed, sand or grass is, above all, simple and quick installation.

In addition to technical advantages and easy installation, these tiles have another purpose. Design! Digital printing technology conjures up amazing decors! From stone, through concrete to wood. Of course, Italian designers do not leave anything to chance, and usually, the same decor is produced in the classic thickness, so it is possible to connect the interior with the exterior.

The most common format is 60 × 60 cm, but for example, the wood decor looks perfect in the format 40 × 120 cm.

Pokud si právě zvelebujete zahrádku či terasu, dlažba v 2 cm stojí určitě za zvážení! Italský výrobce Ragno má rozsáhlou nabídku!