A stone-look collection in which subtle graphic patterns, evocations of sea-shells, add movement to the uniform surfaces in the Blanco, Arena and Greige colours, while darker marble inserts decorate the surface of the Mix variants, creating coordinated compositions with a strong personality. Spaces to escape to, for enjoying indoors and outdoors, where commercial locations intermingle with residential scenarios, rediscovering the joys of a freer, more easy-going lifestyle. A classical aesthetic enhances Eterna’s contemporary spirit in large, light-filled spaces.
Eterna is made with two innovative technologies: CleanOut Antibacterial Protection – for integrated antimicrobial protection of surfaces – and StepWise™ stoneware and ceramic featuring a soft feel and extremely high performance in terms of slip resistance.

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Eterna Mix Gris
Eterna Mix Multicolor
Eterna Arena
Eterna Blanco
Eterna Greige
Eterna Mix Beige


30 x 90
60 × 60
30 × 60
60 × 120