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Azzurra Sanitari in Ceramica was established in 1985 in Civita Castellana. From the outset, Azzurra has proven itself to be a solid manufacturer, which is able to monitor the demands of a constantly changing market, responding with prompt and effective solutions for consumer needs. The current corporate structure, consisting of four families, dates back to 1991.
Today, the company comprises approximately 120 employees, with an area of around 30,000 m2 and a production output of approximately 300,000 units per year, distributed within Italy and exported worldwide: from Europe to neighbouring non-EEC countries, from Russia, to Australia, to America, to 35 countries over all continents.

In 2007, Azzurra came together with Angeletti Ruzza Design, who took on the artistic management of the company, with the aim to create a team of professionals who would change Azzurra’s image and, at the same time, expand its production. This move resulted in a new identity: Azzurra Riscopri la Purezza (Azzurra Rediscover Purity). The wide and varied range of products, with designs ranging from classic to modern by prestigious designers, make Azzurra a truly multi-faceted company. It turns simplicity into a real value, not only as a design form but as a lifestyle.

As a testament to its direction taken towards increasing the quality of materials, technological innovation and communication, Azzurra has recently received major international awards:

  • DESIGN PLUS 2009 e 2011
  • ADI INDEX 2010
  • three nominations for DESIGNPREIS 2011
  • Honourable Mention in the COMPASSO D’ORO 2011

In 2010, to ensure ongoing development and to rise to the challenge of building an environmentally sustainable future, Azzurra is undergoing the Water Saving project. With this project, Azzurra became the first company worldwide to create sanitary ware which is able to flush with quantities of water beyond belief: up to 2.7 litres compared to the standard 9 litres. Azzurra currently applies the Water Saving project to all of its collections, creating bathroom ware that flushes with only 3 litres of water.

Collections of Azzurra


Clas With its simple and modern lines, Clas has a particularly eye-catching design, creating an interplay of light and shadows…


Cult Cult is the latest interpretation of traditional bathroomware, ideal for renovations…


Glaze Simple and essential design, which is inspired by the pure, wholesome, soft and practical shapes of laboratory beakers…


Nuvola Inspired by the full and rounded shapes of the human body, its design expresses the idea of living in harmony with the world around us…


Thin The collection Thin serves as a practical and mental tool for the architect: a wide range of sizes allows it to be placed in any type of area…


Tulip The Tulip collection is inspired by a simple and essential Scandinavian design, based on the combination of elegance, organic shapes and practicality…


Vera The bathroom collection is characterised by curvy joins, giving the collection a pop-style and energising feel in a balance that leans towards the essential…

Victorian Style

Victorian Style In these bathroom sets, European and oriental design influences merge together in an intelligent creative balance…

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